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How to choose good cyclamen, and how to care it

how to chose
good cyclamen
Many caltivar of cyclamen are growed, and each caltivar has its own caracter, many variety to select where it's put or how to be used. But it's recomended to mind what shown below,

<not too many leaf>
Number of leaf corespond to number of flower. We can enjoy many flower when a stock has many leaf. However, it doesn't bloom completely when it has too many leaf (=flower bud). Moderate number of leaf is recomended. Ask nursery if it is hard to chose. And deep color of leaf, and similar size of each leaf is recomended.
<moderate number of flower bud>
It is generaly said that more flower bud a stock has, longer flowering we can enjoy. However, it doesn't bloom completely when it has too many flower bud. Moderate number of flower bud is recomended. Ask nursery if it is hard to chose.
<not dameged by disease or insect>
It should be avoided to chose cyclamen that base of stock has gray mold or that petal has spot, even if it looks so nice. If petal is malformation, or looks like white brushed, flowers to bloom have possibility as same phenomena.
<check environment of nursery>
It happens often that leaf would be dameged or it doesn't bloom if that cyclamen has been exposed to cold winded environment at nursery. Cyclamen that has been displayed long in show case, or in little lighted show case, can be easily damaged after purchased, even if it bloom nicely.

how to care
after purchase
<where to display>
It is nice if it's put under sunshined well. Put sunny place at least once a few days, or it will not bloom. If it catch the sun everyday, even if it's short, it will bloom well. Best temperature is about 20 degree C in the daytime, 12 to 15 degree C in the night. But can be endured if temperature fall to 2 to 3 degree C. If too high temperature, its life can be shortened. Better to put cool place.
It's principle to water good enough if pot soil surface is dried. But if its pot is for subirrigation, put water two third of pot dish. If water in the dish is empty, and pot soil surface is dried, put whole put into bucket and warter well. Then put some water in the dish.
<treatment after flowered>
Remove petal that it finishes flowring, and dameged and yellowed leaf. It may cause disease if it remain to be on the pot.
Enriched well just after purchased so don't need for a while. If fertilizer will be empty, flower will be smaller, or it's hard to bloom well. Enrich by 1000 times diluted liquid fertilizer once 10 days, or put 1000 times diluted liquid fertilizer in the dish. Too much fertilizer may cause another damege.