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about INSV
Attacks by INSV(Impatiens Necrotic Spot tospovirus) to cyclamen were confirmed a few years ago, and it seems to be epidemic. Caractaristic phenomena of this disease is necrotic spot.

cyclamen leafs dameged by INSV

about bacterial disease
There are three bacterial disease of cyclamen as follows,

Cyclamen 'hagusare-byou' (Erwinia)
Lesion on the leaf is black, tuber vascular bundle turns to black. No rotted smell

Cyclamen 'nanpu-byou' (Erwinia)
Wet lesion on the leaf. Fishy bad smell.

Cyclamen 'megusare-byou' (Pseudomonas)
Invades from hurted point, then base of leaf or flower changed to wet. can reach to leaf bud or tuber. vascular bundle turns to purple-black. little rotted smell.

These three cannot be recovered, prevention is important.

bacterial namePseudomonasErwinia
disease name Cyclamen 'megusare-byou'
can damge napa cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, melon, water melon etc.
Cyclamen 'hagusare-byou'
Cyclamen 'nanpu-byou'
extractionput dameged sample into water, then white bacteria outflow.use blender (lesion is genuine cultured)
temperature25 - 37 degree C32 - 35 degree C
soil phover ph6ph6 to 7
caracteristicdistributes surface of soil. long life after invades soil or pod.distributes about 70cm depth of soil. long life (over 5 years in soil.) invades from hurted point.