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Welcome to the page for grower

IZUMI Cyclamen Nursery does breeding, and producing seeds and seedlings of cyclamen in Japan.
We always endevor to breed cyclamens that suit with the climate of Japan, and the demand of consumer well. And consider the development of nursery industry researching culture with growers.
Fortunately, our seeds have been used for other countries as China, Korea, etc. these years. We are very honored that we can contribute their life nicer with our products.
In this page for grower, not only our products (cultivar) are presented, much information about culture would be also presented. They are still not enough, however, growing up the information is scheduled.
If cyclamen growers have some problem on culturing, please contact us. We try to make some solutions of them.
I look forward to being asked from growers.
IZUMI Cyclamen Nursery CEO, Naomi TAKAMI

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Please attach photos when growing are asked.